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Every night, Sunday through Thursday, one of our unique stories will be delivered right to your inbox. Pull up the email and tell the story with ease.

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As a busy parent, you don’t have extra time to browse online or download apps to come up with a new story to tell. Enjoy new bedtime stories with just a few clicks.

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Can’t come up with a new story to tell? We have you covered with our original bedtime stories that are fun, engaging, and ready to unleash your child’s imagination.

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Studies show that storytelling (without images) improves literacy skills, creative thinking, and memory recall for children.

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For busy parents, just like you.

The Story Behind Story Tyke

Bedtime Stories Made Easy

Jacob Merkley, Founder & CEO

“As a busy parent, my real job starts when I get home from work. I help prepare dinner, get the kids in their pajamas, and then read books to them. At the end of this routine, my oldest daughter asks, “Daddy, will you tell me a story?” On one specific night, she asked me for a NEW story. After a long day, I was mentally drained. Coming up with an original story seemed too difficult.

So, I did what any modern parent would do. I searched on Google to find a story to read out loud. Unfortunately, I found poorly designed websites, confusing apps, ads all over, and too many stories to choose from. I searched for twenty minutes to find a story that would work, but by the time I did, my daughter was fast asleep! Unfortunately, I had missed a crucial bonding moment in my daughters life.

Story Tyke removes the need to search for the right story to tell. No more searching online or in apps. No more struggling to come up with a fresh idea. Instead, grab your phone, pull up your email, and every night, Sunday through Thursday you’ll find a new story delivered to your inbox at 6 P.M.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading helps children visualize the world; storytelling unlocks the imagination.

Will you charge me when I sign up?

No! Our bedtime story subscription is free forever!

What age are the stories written for?

We have learned that four-to-eight year olds are the most engaged in a bedtime story. They are also the most likely age group to ask for a story. We have written our stories for this specific age group.

Are there controversial topics in the stories?

When it comes to imagination time, children should be allowed to explore the world through stories and characters that are fun and engaging and not political in nature. We write stories that all children will enjoy—regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.

As an organization, our goal is to provide content to parents and children without forcing our own personal political viewpoints. In effect, we want to stay as neutral as possible regarding controversial topics. We believe that everyone is equal, which is why we do not promote any gender, race, or ethnicity above any other. Our stories will promote good moral standards, teach life lessons, and help children have a fun imaginative experience. We leave it up to the parents to teach their own children beyond the scope of our bedtime stories.

As a courtesy, we do provide 1-2 images inside our newsletter as a launch point for kids to start the imagination process. Where possible, we strive to be inclusive of gender and race in these images.

What type of stories will I receive?

We have a few different types: original stories, traditional twists (think Spinderella vs. Cinderella), educational stories, and customized stories where you can insert your children’s names to make the story more engaging. Check out our story samples.

Do you have an app?

No we don’t. Part of our solution is removing the need to search for a bedtime story. That includes searching online and in apps. Instead, we deliver a story right to the app that you use daily: your email. Telling a story is as easy as clicking on the email that you receive from us.

When will I receive my first story?

You should receive your first story at 6 p.m. between 24-48 hours after sign-up. We have parents around the world using Story Tyke, so we have a 24-hour delivery cycle ongoing. We’ll add you to the next delivery cycle as soon as it begins. Please check your spam or junk folder and move us to your primary inbox to ensure you get our stories. If you don’t receive your first story, please email our team at team@storytyke.com

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