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Story Tyke Stars and Rocket
Story Tyke Stars and Rocket

We have put together a team of professional writers (many critically-acclaimed children’s book authors) to bring you and your family a wonderful array of bedtime tales. With a Story Tyke subscription, we include five different types of stories:

  • Original stories – Including adventure, wizards, pirates, life experiences, and more.
  • Customized tales – You can insert your child’s name (and a sibling or friend) to make the story come to life.
  • Educational stories – Teach your children about animals, natural phenomena, science, and history through fictional characters in a fun way.
  • Traditional twists – Stories you heard when you were a kid, rewritten with an alternative ending or different characters.
  • Tyke stories – Ideas from our Story Tyke audience. Have an idea? Send it to us. If our writers use the idea, we will give you credit and make you the main character!
An Educational Tale: Winnie the Waterbug
Winnie the Waterbug - Story Tyke

There once was a little swamp that was home to little brown waterbugs. The swamp was so muddy, the waterbugs could barely see. So, to stay safe from the fat fish and hungry frogs, the waterbugs always stayed close together.

Every once in a while, one of the waterbugs would swim to the tippy-top of the water and disappear forever. 

“Emergency meeting!” yelled Fritz, the oldest waterbug. “Too many of us are disappearing! Everyone must stay on the swamp floor from now on.” 

But the water bugs missed their friends and family who had disappeared and wanted to know what happened to them. At night, some waterbugs would sneak away to go to the surface of the water. Eventually, even Fritz left! And none of them ever returned. 

“Emergency meeting!” one waterbug yelled, gathering everyone together. “The next bug to leave must promise to return and tell us what life is like above water.” 

But week after week, waterbugs would leave and never come back. Everyone was so worried. They looked to Winnie, a quiet but clever waterbug who spent her days collecting treasures on the swamp floor. Now that Fritz was gone, everyone looked to her as the wisest waterbug. She was a waterbug you could trust. “We’re counting on you Winnie!” they said. 

Winnie didn’t want to be scared anymore. She wanted to face her fears. So she crawled up a weed and slowly rose to the tippy-top of the water. She took a big breath andjumped onto a rock. 

[Tyke Time: What is something that you are afraid of? How can you overcome your fear?]

The colors of the world above the water were so bright. Blue, yellow, pink, and green! Red, purple, orange, and every shade in between!

She saw flowers, trees, and grass. The sun felt so warm, too It was as if she had opened her eyes for the very first time. Comforted by this new beautiful world, she fell asleep right there on the rock. 

When she woke up, she thought to herself, “I have to go back and tell everyone how wonderful this is!” She tried to move but discovered she couldn’t move! She had been asleep for a very long time and had become stuck to the rock.

She struggled and struggled to take even just one step. Finally, after hours of straining, she heard a loud CRACK. She popped out of her shell!

When she looked down, she saw the rock far below her. She looked behind her and saw two giant wings on her back! She was no longer a brown bug, but a beautiful dragonfly!

[Tyke Time: Did you know dragonflies are born in a swamp? What else do you know about dragonflies?] 

She flew high above the grass and into the treetops, taking in the beautiful view of the swamp from high above. It was the best day ever!

She soon remembered her family of waterbugs. Flying fast toward the water, she prepared to dive. When she hit the surface of the water, she bounced right off it. She tried again and again, but it was like a trampoline! 

“It’s no use!” she thought. “I can’t go back home.” But then she realized something. “One day, each waterbug will crawl out of the water and they will know the truth of why I stayed here. It will be okay!” 

Before she flew away for good, she whispered to her friends on the swamp floor, “Don’t worry, little bugs. You were born for greater things than you can ever imagine.”

[Tyke Time: What was your favorite part of the story? What did you like? What great things will you do in your life?]

A Traditional Twist: The Three Little Pigs Have a Party
The Pigs and The Party - Story Tyke

Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs in three little houses buried deep in the forest. They played together, ate together, and celebrated birthdays together. They had many animal friends who also lived in the forest— including the Big Hungry Wolf. 

The first little pig said to the other two, “Today is my birthday! Let’s have a sleepover tonight! We’ll eat pizza and a big frosted cake.”

The second little pig said, “Wahoo!”

The third little pig said, “Yippee!”

That night, the three little pigs made a cake and wrapped presents at the first little pig’s house. Dressed in PJ’s, they decorated the house with big balloons. They sent invitations to all of their friends and then waited for hours until it was just about time to celebrate.

“I’ll call for the pizza,” said the first little pig.

The second little pig said, “I’m hungry.”

The third little pig said, “Yippee!”

While the three little pigs and their friends were inside eating dinner, the Big Hungry Wolf passed by. He looked through the window of the straw house and saw the mouth-watering cake. He could smell its strawberry frosting from a mile away.

“I love cake!” he thought to himself. Looking around the decorated house, he realized all of his friends were having a party. “Why wasn’t I invited?”

The Big Hungry Wolf was very upset. “Well, if they don’t want me at their party,” he said, “then there won’t be a party at all! I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow down this house made of straw! Then I’ll eat their cake.” So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. 

The three little pigs and their friends didn’t know what was happening when the house began to shake! They grabbed the cake, candles, and presents and ran to the second little pig’s house. This house was made out of sticks, so they would be safe there.

“What? They took the cake?” cried the Big Hungry Wolf. Annoyed, he followed them to the second little pig’s house. “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow down this house made of sticks! Then I’ll eat their cake.” So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down. 

Just like before, the three little pigs and their friends grabbed the cake, candles, and presents and ran to the third little pig’s house. This house was made of bricks, and couldn’t possibly be blown down.

“I want some cake!” hollered the wolf, following the party to the house of bricks. So he huffed and he puffed. He blew and he blew. His face turned red and his tongue hung out of his mouth. Pretty soon he was gasping for air.

“I just wanted… a piece… of cake,” he said while panting. But the house made of bricks did not even shake.

Out of ideas and out of breath, he raised his paw and knocked on the door.

[Tyke Time: Do you always get what you want by throwing a fit or being mean.]

The first little pig peeked through a crack in the door. When he saw it was the Big Hungry Wolf, he opened the door all the way, smiling, “Hey! We’ve been waiting for you all night!” he said.

“What?” said the Big Hungry Wolf. “But I didn’t get invited to your party.” 

“Of course you did!” Said the second little pig. “We put the invitation in your mailbox today!”

“Oops,” said the wolf. “I didn’t check my mailbox today.”

“Well, come right in,” said the third little pig. “We’ll let you blow out all the candles!”

The Big Hungry Wolf huffed and puffed and blew out the candles. Frosting flew everywhere! Everyone laughed, licking frosting off their faces. 

“Let’s dig in!” said the first little pig.

The second little pig yelled, “I can’t wait!”

The third little pig said, “Yippee!”

[Tyke Time: What was your favorite part of the story? What did you like? Was there a specific lesson that you learned?]

An Original Tale: Johnny & His Real-Life Friend
Johnny's Science Lab - Story Tyke

Mom and Dad heard quite a commotion coming from the tool shed in the backyard. They knew that their 10-year-old son Johnny was working on something big. 

“Mom! Have you seen my screwdriver?!” Johnny shouted.

“You dropped it under the work table,” said his younger sister Susie, poking her head into the shed.

“Oh. Thanks, Susie,” he said. “You can go now.”

“What are you building?” she asked, stepping through the door a little more.

“Just a robot,” Johnny said.

“Wow!” exclaimed Susie. “Can I watch?”

Johnny shrugged. “Just don’t get in the way. And put your safety goggles on, will you?”

“Of course!” she said excitedly. “I have them right here!”

Susie headed to her usual spot in the corner of the room, watching Johnny work. Susie loved watching her older brother conduct his science experiments.

Johnny hammered and screwed and measured and sawed for hours and hours. He wired and bolted and twisted and sanded as Susie watched with wide eyes.

Finally, when the moon was high in the night sky, Johnny turned to Susie and declared, “It is finished!”

The robot was almost as tall as Johnny and had a face with lightbulb eyes.

“Well, turn it on, Johnny!” Susie said impatiently. 

Johnny reached behind the robot and flipped the switch to turn it on. Immediately, the robot started shaking and sparks flew into the air. Its lightbulb eyes flickered…then went dark.

“No, no, no, NO!” Johnny shouted. A final puff of black smoke came out the top of its head. The robot went still. 

Johnny tried to fix the robot, but nothing worked. He threw his goggles off in frustration. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!” he shouted, burying his head in his arms. 

“I’m sorry, Johnny,” Susie said quietly. “Why are you building a robot anyway?”

Without lifting his head, Johnny replied, “All of the kids at school think I’m weird because I really like science. They make fun of me. I wanted to make myself a friend.”

[Tyke Time: Do kids at school make fun of you for anything? How can you help yourself remember that you are special and it doesn’t matter what people think of you?]

Susie looked at the broken robot and then ran out of the shed. A minute later, she came back in carrying a bright pink toolbox that was almost as big as Johnny’s. She picked up the robot, slipped on her goggles, and got to work.

Surprised, Johnny walked over to her and started to watch. “Are you programming the—” he started.

“Yep!” Susie chirped before he could finish his question.

“And switching the green wire to the—”

“Uh-huh,” she answered, her face scrunched in concentration.

For another hour, the siblings worked in silence. When they did all they could do, they flipped on the robot’s switch together. The robot’s lightbulb eyes lit. “Hello!”

Johnny looked at the robot, then back at Susie, amazed. He never knew his sister loved science. Even better than building a working robot, Johnny discovered he had a real friend who had been with him the whole time. He gave Susie a big hug. 

“Want to leave your toolbox in here?” he asked. “That way we can work on more projects together.”

Her face lit up. “I’ll go get my lab kit, too.” 

Johnny cleared off some space on his work table. He couldn’t wait to get started on a new project with his new robot—and his new best friend. 

[Tyke Time: Is your sister or brother your best friend? Do you and your sister or brother like doing things together? What was your favorite part of the story? What did you like? Was there a specific lesson that you learned?]

A Customized Tale: The Giant Cinnamon Roll
The Giant Cinnamon Roll - Story Tyke

**Replace Child 1 & Child 2 with your children’s names, if you only have one child you could add a friend or cousins name.**

Once upon a time, there were two children who LOVED to eat cinnamon rolls! Their names were(_____/Child 1), and (____/Child 2).  

“Who wants to make a cinnamon roll?” yelled Mom from the kitchen.  

“Me! Me! Me!” they both shouted, running into the room. The children got out a big bowl. They added flour, sugar, yeast, and salt. Next came butter and eggs. Mom mixed the dough, and the children took turns rolling the dough out into a big rectangle!. 

“Instead of making little cinnamon rolls,” said (_____/Child 1), “let’s make one GIANT cinnamon roll!” 

Mom and (____/Child 2) agreed. They counted as they wrapped the dough into delicious-looking spirals. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 LAYERS! The cinnamon roll was so big, it filled the entire oven! (_____/Child 1) and (____/Child 2) watched it rise while licking their lips. The smell of cinnamon goodness filled the kitchen. They waited and waited for the cinnamon roll to be done. Even when Mom left the room to finish the laundry, the children stayed put, waiting for the cinnamon roll to finish backing. It seemed to be taking forever!  

“I can’t wait,” said (_____/Child 1). “Let’s just take it out now, and gobble it up!” They grabbed hot pads, opened the oven, and took out the cinnamon roll.  

[Tyke Time: Do you think it’s a good idea to take a food out of the oven before it’s done baking?]

(____/Child 2) was about to cut into it, when they heard the cinnamon roll talk! “I’m going to gobble you up!” it said!  

“AHHH” screamed the children as they ran out of the kitchen. “What are we going to do?” asked (_____/Child 1). 

“We have to eat it, before it eats us.” said (____/Child 2). So they ran back inside and grabbed two forks. They creeped around the corner, ready to attack… but the cinnamon roll was gone!

“I can still smell it,” said(_____/Child 1). And sure enough, when they opened the oven, it was sitting right inside. As they stared at the roll, it spoke up again: “I’m going to gobble you up!” 

“AHHH!” the children screamed! They slammed the oven door shut, and ran out of the room again. 

“We’ve created a monster!” shouted (____/Child 2). “I think it was the yeast that we put in it. Mom once mentioned that yeast is actually alive.”  

“Okay, okay!” said(_____/Child 1). “I have a plan. We’ll use cookie sheets as shields, and once we take the roll out of the oven, we’ll poke our forks right into the middle and rip it apart.”

[Tyke Time: Do you think their plan will work?]

The children grabbed cookie sheets and inched toward the oven. They slowly opened the oven door. Then they heard a ‘THUMP… THUMP… THUMP… coming right toward them!’

“Now it’s time for me to eat you!”

(_____/Child 1) and (____/Child 2) closed their eyes in fright. Before they could move a muscle, Mom jumped out from behind the counter. “Gotcha!” she yelled, laughing!

“What?!” they replied.

“You better think twice next time you try to take cinnamon rolls out of the oven before they are finished cooking! Eating them too early could make you sick!” said Mom. 

“Oh, Mom!” they said giggling. 

(_____/Child 1) and (____/Child 2) learned their lesson that day. They never again took food out of the oven that wasn’t ready! 

[Tyke Time: What was your favorite part of the story? What did you like? Was there a specific lesson that you learned?]

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